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Advertising Health Products

Regulations & guidelines to advertising of health products and services in New Zealand.

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Adverse Events & Coronial Inquests

Every doctor will encounter an adverse event at some point during their career—so it pays to face it prepared.

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Patient Complaints & Indemnity Cover

How to respond to a patient complaint and the role of your indemnity cover.

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Advance Care Planning

There are a number of prerequisites an advanced care directive needs to fulfill in order to be carried out.

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Enduring Power of Attorney

Power of attorney comes with a significant amount of legislature that any medical practitioner must be able to navigate.

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Fitness to Drive

Rather than waiting with an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, doctors can take opportunities to reduce the risk.

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Prescribing: a personal responsibility

Prescriptions are one of the most powerful tools in a medical practitioner's arsenal.

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